Matthew Gromley



1st Assistant Camera // Gimbal Technician


Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in potentially working together! If the site doesn't make it clear, I am passionate and excited about the camera department and would love to help you fulfill any needs you may have for your production. I'd love to hear what you're working on and what I might be able to do for you! Please contact me:


1st AC / Gimbal Tech / Camera Operator -


Available Rentals:

          + Bartech Digital Wireless Focus w/ fStop Single Ch. Receiver, Heden Motor, M-One Motor, Cables

          + SmallHD/Teradek Bolt 703 High Bright Monitor (Teradek Receiver built-in)

          + Teradek 1000LT Tx:Rx

          + Odyssey 7Q Monitor/Recorder (SSD's available upon request)

          + Backstage Sr. Magliner Cart w/ Steadicam/Gimbal Post


Full AC Toolkit comes with essential tools including Clapperboard, T-Marks, Lens Cleaning Supplies, Spare Screws kit, Wrenches, Rain Protection, Expendables and more. Kit also includes a waist bag to keep batteries and other supplies on hand when necessary. Will travel with kit, including most rentals above. Email me with any questions you may have! Kit & Rental Fees not included in Day Rate.



If you need to rent Cameras, Lenses, Multi-Channel FIZ Units or additional Camera Support:

          + Koerner Camera Systems -



If requiring Gimbal Equipment (ie: Ronin 2, MoVi Pro, Artemis Maxima, etc):

          + TooEasyCo. - - Ask for me to be your tech when you email them



I am a local to Portland, Oregon but am willing and able to travel wherever the job may take us! I hope we can work together soon!


If you'd like to work with me directly on a video project (shooting, editing and more - examples in Additional Work) or if you'd like to hire me as an Editor, please reach out through e-mail and let's chat.


I look forward to hearing from you!